Windows 7 - sp3 Access Is Denied -- Need Help

Asked By Gordon Ros on 30-Sep-08 04:15 PM
I have a Dell desktop with Windows XP, SP2 installed.  Since my automatic SP3
download and install didn't work, stopping as it tried to update the registry
keys (INF_REGISTRY) and giving me an "Access Is Denied" message, I have tried
Methods 1 and 2 that Microsoft recommends
( and now, since those methods didn't
work and since I have verified that the registry update has failed as 949377
instructs, I need advice before proceeding to Method 3 (resetting the
registry and file permissions).  The first thing I am supposed to do in
Method 3 is to download  the SubInACL.exe file and install it.  My question
is whether the SubInACL.exe file will install and work under Windows XP Home.
The System Requirements for downloading and installing the program list a
number of operating systems, but the only one listed for XP is XP
(  Can

Rick replied on 30-Sep-08 06:02 PM
Check this link above.  I have two Dell laptops and experienced the same
thing you are encountering.  The above link solved the problem.

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Mat replied on 30-Sep-08 07:07 PM
I've run into this same problem on my  HP desktop.  I've taken the necessary
steps to diasble my Symantec Realtime Protection, as well as Spybot Resident.
I've also ended the TeaTimer process.  I've done all 3 tasks including
running the registry fixer and it still gives me the access denied error.

The one thing I've noticed is that everytime the error pops up, my Symantec
Realtime Protection seems to have been enabled, despite me disabling it
before trying to download.  I've taken off the option to auto-enable after x
amount of minutes once disabled, so I'm hoping that will be it.

This is extremely frustrating as I've tried to do this for several days now.
Are there any other options?
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 30-Sep-08 07:04 PM
Error message when you try to install WinXP SP3: "Access is denied" or
“Service Pack installation did not complete”


Yes, you may use the SubInACL tool in WinXP Home Edition, too.

WinXP SP3 - Read all prerequisites for a successful installation

Free unlimited installation and compatibility support is available for
Windows XP, but only for Service Pack 3 (SP3), until 14 Apr-09. Chat and
e-mail support is available only in the United States and Canada.  Go to | select "Windows
XP" then select "Windows XP Service Pack 3"
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Rick replied on 30-Sep-08 10:21 PM
I believe that most computers built by Dell have this problem but, it is
solved very easily.


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Mat replied on 30-Sep-08 11:25 PM
I would just like to say that I was able to fix the issue using Option
to save the program.  When I saved it the second time, I saved it as a "Text
only" format and not the "RTF" format as I did the first time.

Whether or not that is important, when I ran the program the second time, it
worked and then I was able to download SP3 without any issues.  Just thought
it might help for some of us that couldn't figure out why Option #3 wasn't
working to begin with.
Harry Johnston [MVP] replied on 30-Sep-08 11:28 PM
The most reliable option is to uninstall Symantec altogether - but make sure
you've got your install key for putting it back later.  (On the other hand,
personally I'd recommend moving to a more reputable piece of software - Avast!
Home Edition is free of charge for personal, non-commercial use and I've been
very happy with it.  There are also several other products, both free and
charged, which don't seem to cause the same sort of problems that Symantec
sometimes does.)

PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 01-Oct-08 02:17 AM
If it's a Norton application, know that such applications do not uninstall
cleanly.  After uninstalling the application (and LiveUpdate and any Norton
Add-ons) via Add/Remove Programs, it is necessary to download/run the Norton
Removal Tool to get rid of the "leftovers" and then Reboot.

Norton Removal Tool

[Related discussion:]
~PA Bear
Harry Johnston [MVP] replied on 01-Oct-08 04:44 PM
It certainly would not work using RTF.

Notepad is built into Windows, if it is not working you have something else wrong.

GordonRos replied on 01-Oct-08 05:22 PM
Thank you.  I have now tried Method 3, but it didn't work.  So I have
contacted the
Windows XP SP3 installation support address that you gave me and am now
waiting for help.
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 01-Oct-08 06:07 PM
YW, Gordon, and thanks for your feedback.  Please keep us informed on any
progress you make: It would help others here with the same problem(s).
Ottmar Freudenberger replied on 02-Oct-08 01:51 AM

Hm, you may want to download, save and run!v13.exe in

The EXE is based on the KB article above, contains subinacl.exe
and secedit.exe to reset the file and registry permissions to the
default values. The winPermReset!v13.exe works on English and
German Windows versions.

GordonRos replied on 10-Oct-08 04:55 PM
OK.  Well, to make a long story short, all it took for SP3 to install
correctly was to install it in Windows XP Safe Mode.  I wish Microsoft had
included "Safe Mode" installation as one of the three methods that they
recommended in case installation in Normal Mode didn't work.  It would have
saved me from having to read and write about four or five different emails to
the SP3 customer support rep (all of which contained primarily information
about how to PREPARE for the SP3 installation and what to do in case
something went wrong).

Also, Microsoft should really emphasize the fact that one needs to uninstall
IE 7 BEFORE installing SP3 and then reinstall IE 7 AFTER installing SP3 (in
order to prepare for IE 8).   Otherwise, one will have to uninstall both SP3
and IE 7 and then reinstall SP3 followed by reinstalling IE 7 before
installing IE 8.  I almost missed the information about that.

Hope this info is of help to someone.  :)

PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 10-Oct-08 08:33 PM
If you had to boot into Safe Mode in order to install WinXP SP3, something
was running in normal (Mode) that was causing the previous install attempts
to fail (e.g., anti-virus app; anti-spyware app; third-party firewall).  See

You do NOT have to uninstall IE7 before installing WinXP SP3.  However, if
you don't, you won't be able to uninstall IE7 afterwards.  See
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
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