Windows 7 - PS/2 Mouse not working !

Asked By barrowhil on 15-Jan-09 08:07 AM
After installing January Patch Tuesday Updates, my PS/2 mouse no longer works
????  I know it is not a hardware fault with either the PC mobo or mouse
itself as I exchanged (caddied) HDD with month old image.  PS/2 mouse works -
I always do mirror image shortly after monthly updates.

I've reverted back to "working" HDD and PS/2 doesn't work.  Use "Image" HDD
(without January updates) and mouse works !?!

Resolution please.

harr replied on 15-Jan-09 08:22 AM
see 23 posts from 1/14
barrowhil replied on 15-Jan-09 09:06 AM

Sorry for ignorance but what do you mean 23 posts form 1/14.  There are lots
of post dated 14th Jan but don't see relevance to PS/2 mouse.  What am I
missiing from your reply.???
Shenan Stanley replied on 15-Jan-09 09:20 AM
I suggest reading these conversations for some work-arounds:

I have no idea on exactly how this occurred - but Microsoft *is* aware of

(** Even if you don't have a laptop **)

If that is not it...
Could be a burned out PS/2 port.  Doesn't matter how old something is - it
can still die.

Betting the above is it though...

Come back - let everyone know... Dell?  Windows XP or Vista?  Service pack

Shenan Stanley
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Enge replied on 15-Jan-09 09:29 AM
Hello barrowhill,

I am assuming Harry is making reference to this:

Good luck
barrowhil replied on 15-Jan-09 10:08 AM

Thanks for this link, the contents of which, when applied, resolved problem
- Offending update was the 'IdeaCom HID TouchScreen (PS/2)' .  How this came
to be included as a required update only Microsoft knows.  All fixed now.

Thanks to all who responded; much appreciated.
Enge replied on 15-Jan-09 11:20 AM
Hi barrowhill,

You're welcome, glad to have been of service and thanks for posting back.


Jeffre replied on 15-Jan-09 12:46 PM
Also see the following link:
joe 11 replied on 15-Jan-09 04:24 PM
From joe 110: first of all, if your PS/2 mouse is not responding - plug in a
USB mouse and click -  Start -  Control Panel - (classic view ) - Device
Manager - Human Interface Devices - double click on IdeaCom HID Touch Screen
(PS/2) - click the DRIVER tab - click the Uninstall Driver button - click ok
until you are told to click Restart. You may have to restart twice as I had
to in Vista Premium but your PS/2 mouse will start working again!
Trblshootr replied on 16-Jan-09 10:16 AM
barrowhill;1136508 Wrote:


if you have one a USB mouse:
plug it in.. when loaded.. right click My Computer and click
click on the hardware tab and then Device Manager.
click the + in front of HID compliant devices
find the IdeaCOM HID device and right click.. then click Properties
when open.. click on the Drivers tab and click  Update Driver.
choose not to search internet.. click next
choose a specific location click next
choose don't search.. click next
in the list find the Microsoft PS/2 driver.. select it and click Next
the driver will load and it will tell you that you need to restart to
take effect. close all property windows and restart..

when you do, the mouse should be working again

if  you do not have a usb mouse:
you will need to do the above with a slightly different start.

press the windows key or (ctrl+esc) to open the start menu
use the arrow keys to move to the control panel, press enter
in control panel you may need to TAB to the icons then use the arrow
keys to select System Properties.
once open use the tab key to move the focus to the top row of tabs then
use the arrow keys to move to the Hardware tab.
press Tab again until the Device manager button is in focus and press
on the device manager window use the arrow keys down and right to
expand the HID section and then follow the instructions above with the

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