Windows 7 - Error Code 800736B3

Asked By FHartman on 10-Mar-09 02:25 PM
Windosw Vista 32 SP1

I can neither install Update (KB937286) nor
Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET
Productfamily (KB951847) x86.

and, by the way, I also cannot install Service Pack1 for Visual C++ ...

What is wrong?

PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 10-Mar-09 05:47 PM
The referenced assembly is not installed on your system.

SP1 can not find an assembly in WinSxS that is required for the update(s) to
install. Try running sfc /scannow to see if that resolves the issue:
[Source: MowGreen, 09 Oct-08 in this newsgroup]

Did SP1 come preinstalled on the machine when you purchased it, did you
install it via Windows Update, or did you choose to install it manually?
Any chance you manually installed a beta build of SP1?

Or did you upgrade (directly) to Vista SP1?

Or have you had occasion to reinstall Vista?
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Client - since 2002
AumHa VSOP & Admin
FHartman replied on 11-Mar-09 05:20 PM
WinSxS seems not to be the problem. Running sfc /scannow found no error.
Sophos (anti virus) and Spybot were both turned off - no improvement. It is
a Dell Computer with Vista preinstalled, SP1 was installed later as an update
from the web.

I also cannot install Internet Explorer RC1. It seems the computer no longer
knows how to perform an update.
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 11-Mar-09 08:37 PM
I'm just telling you what the error number means and it means
ERROR_SXS_ASSEMBLY_NOT_FOUND, despite the results of running SFC.

Is your Sophos AV subscription current?  What third-party firewall is
installed (if any)?  Were any of these applications running in the
background and/or was Spybot Tea Timer and/or SDHelper enabled when you
installed SP1?

Has a Norton or McAfee application ever been installed on this machine
(e.g., a free-trial version that came preinstalled when you bought it)?

Start | Run | (type) winver | OK

Please post the contents of the entire second line of the About window.
Please be careful not to make any typos.

PS: You do NOT want to install IE8 RC1 with the machine in its current
FHartman replied on 12-Mar-09 11:22 AM
Winver says:

Version 6.0 (Build 6001: Service Pack 1)   // 2nd line

I uninstalled SpyBot and I disabled SOPHOS while trying to install the
FHartman replied on 12-Mar-09 11:47 AM
The following is an excerpt from the error log of the failed attempt to
install Visual C++ SP1

MSI (s) (68:7C) [15:54:34:569]: Note: 1: 1935 2:
{3C582984-7607-3E35-A337-D3D327097351} 3: 0x8007371B 4: IAssemblyCacheItem 5:
Commit 6:
MSI (s) (68:7C) [15:54:34:569]: Assembly Error (sxs): To get more diagnostic
information, enable the Component Based Servicing Log.
MSI (s) (68:7C) [15:54:34:571]: Product: Visual C++ 2008 x86 Runtime -
(v9.0.30729) -- Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of
Please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0x8007371B.
assembly interface: IAssemblyCacheItem, function: Commit, component:

It seems to confirm that it is an assembly error. But how to fix this?
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 12-Mar-09 12:18 PM
Note, possibly OT: If Spybot Tea Timer had been enabled, uninstalling Spybot
has no affect: You must first disable Tea Timer before you uninstall Spybot.

One or more required members of the transaction are not present.

0x8007371B is usually corrected by the System Update Readiness Tool but it
should have been offered to your Vista machine before SP1 was offered.  You
might see if downloading & installing it manually would help:  (Note that a failure to install
would not be expected)

You might also try downloading and manually installing this one (which also
should have been offered before SP1):
(Note that a failure to install would not be expected)

All that being said, none of the updates you've cited so far in this thread
are security updates so you do NOT qualify for free support from MS.  Try
Dell Support instead (who'll probably tell you "Not our problem" anyway).

If you can cite a security update that fails to install, I can give you
information for free support from MS.
~PA Bear
FHartman replied on 13-Mar-09 03:20 AM
It gets worse.

I downloaded and started ..21 . It got stuck 2/3 of the way. So I stopped it
after half an hour. When I downloaded ..27 it said: 'Wrong machine' (or
something similar).

When I restart ..21 it initializes but the progress bar does not move, it
never leaves its base position.
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 13-Mar-09 12:15 PM
There is a very good chance are that you are seeing the affects of a
hijackware infection.

1. See if you can download/run the MSRT manually:

2. Run the Windows Live Safety Center's 'Protection' scan (only!) in Safe
Mode with Networking, if need be:

3. Run a /thorough/ check for hijackware, including posting the requested
logs in an appropriate forum, not here.

Checking for/Help with Hijackware

**Seek expert assistance in,,, or other appropriate forums.**

If the procedures look too complex - and there is no shame in admitting this
isn't your cup of tea - take the machine to a local, reputable and
independent (i.e., not BigBoxStoreUSA) computer repair shop.
Start a free Windows Update support incident request:

Support for Windows Update:

For home users, no-charge support is available by calling 1-866-PCSAFETY in
the United States and in Canada or by contacting your local Microsoft
subsidiary.  There is no-charge for support calls that are associated with
security updates.
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Desktop Experience - since 2002
AumHa VSOP & Admin
FHartman replied on 14-Mar-09 01:20 PM

The first link ... malwareremove ... found nothing (quick search), the
second link ...onecare... did the job. It took 18 hours to complete and it
found and corrected 9 issuses.

Thereafter I could install the Net Framework 3.5 Update, Visual C++ Service
pack 1, IE 8 RC1.

Beautiful. I even can use IE 8 now. Using IE 7 on this computer was like
wading through molasses - and this from the start.

Thanks! Great job!
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied on 14-Mar-09 03:10 PM
YW & thanks for your feedback.

However, there may be some stuff the scan could not detect and remove so I'd
strongly recommend doing Step #3, too, to make certain everything is OK.