Windows 7 - error code: 800B0109

Asked By brainy1000 on 06-Mar-10 02:13 PM
I have Vista Premium. Today I noticed this error message when starting the
system, but it did not prevent using the programs. The error was associated,
as the message informs, to Windows defender. As a solution, I tried also to
look for updates, which was impossible and the same error code appeared
(800B0109). I tried many times manually but no updates were allowed. I
disabled Defender to start with Vista, but I had no success, updates still
not allowed, the same error code.
I must emphasize that the systems are apparently normal, and my updates are
configured to automatic (download the updates, I choose when to install them)
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

connieraahaug replied to brainy1000 on 11-Mar-10 05:50 AM
n??r jeg skal opdateringer til sikkerhedsopdatering til windows vista til x64
basedesystemer (kb77165 s?? mislykke det kan jeg slette det hvordan g??r jeg det