Windows 7 - error code 80070663

Asked By Heather Moore on 27-Mar-10 03:46 PM
I have tried my windows update and keep getting the same error code 80070663
and dont know why please help my computer is windows vista

Ǝиçεl replied to Heather Moore on 27-Mar-10 06:16 PM
When posting to a Newsg??oup or Forum it is requested that you
at least provide us with details of the operating system
you are using including Service Pack level.

See if anything here helps.


I'd recommend resubmitting your post here:

Start a help ticket.

Help and Support


I'd recommend calling 1-866-pcsafety if you are in the U.S. or Canada.

Elsewhere, call your local Microsoft subsidiary, or the number for paid
support in your locale--and ask for the free help with virus or
security-patch related issues. This help extends to spyware removal as well.

Other than that, I am about out of ideas, so good luck with it.

Let us know maybe someone else can conjure up something else to try.

Good luck