Windows 7 - MS KB 971058 - reset WU components - may have errors in KB documen

Asked By MrSoftware on 02-Apr-10 03:14 PM
I thought I should post what may be errors in a MS KB (MicroSoft
KnowledgeBase) article to fix WU (Windows Update).

//-----------Background : I tried to fix my problem

I can not access the MS WU (Windows Update) website without getting a blank

So I tried the fix in KB 971058 which as four different ways to fix the

I tried them all (All four 'fixes' - as enumerated below) without success.

Note below - I call 1.a and 1.b 'lobotomies' for the sake of brevity herein.

[1] MS KB 971058 has 4 'fixes' as follows.

(a) FixIt 50202 - Mode default
(b) FixIt 50202 - Mode agressive
(c) WU minor lobotomy - Without 'step 4'
(d) WU major lobotomy - With    'step 4' (reset BITS and WUAU security

[2] I tryed 1.a and 1.b previously - both failed.

[3] I tryed 1.c and 1.d which both failed (with some anomalies as follows.)

In doing this I found (what appear to be) errors in the KB 971058

//-----------Errors : The document seems incorrect in the following

Error_01 : Step 4.a  - SVCHOST.EXE prevents CatRoot2 rename via locked files
(a) tmp.edb and (b) edb.log

Error_02 : Step 4.b  - Resetting service security descriptors prevents their
activation in step 9.

Error_03 : Step 6.0  - regsvr32.exe mshtml.dll : MSHTML.DLL has no
registration point (lacks DllRegisterServer)

Error_04 : Step 7.0  - NETSH has no 'reset' command as in 'netsh reset

Error_05 : Step 9.0  - services now have a 'different' security descriptor
and can not be accessed.

//-----------Failures : I also had other 'runtime' errors in fix 1.d above

Failure_01 : Step 6.0 - Registration of QMGR.DLL    failed - Return code was

Failure_02 : Step 6.0 - Registration of WUAUENG.DLL failed - Return code was

Failure_03 : Step 9.0 - Service restart failure : Access denied

//-----------My System :

OS-------: Windows XP - Version: 5.01.2600  Service Pack 3
Browser--: IE (Internet Explorer) - Version 8.0.6001.18702 - Build  86001
AntiVir--: Microsoft Security Essentials Version:  1.0.1961.0
Firewall-: MS Firewall

Microsoft Security Essentials Version:  1.0.1961.0
Antimalware Client Version: 2.1.6519.0
Engine Version: 1.1.5605.0
Antivirus definitions: 1.79.953.0
Antispyware definitions: 1.79.953.0

//-----------Help!!!   :

Error_02 above caused me to reset my system back to a previous restore point
to reset the security descriptors.


If anyone has an idea of how I could be doing something wrong please let me

If not, hopefully MS (MicroSoft) can verify wheater or not the KB 971058
article has errors.

MowGreen replied to MrSoftware on 02-Apr-10 04:56 PM

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the above page.
See where it states " Provide feedback on this information " ?

Do so and let MS know why you think that the Fixit information is
incorrect and that it failed to resolve the updating issue on your XP
SP3 system.

Some questions:

1) What was the installed antivirus/security suite prior to the
installation of MSE ?

2) When the previous security software (AV/Sec suite) was uninstalled
did you run a removal tool to ensure that all remnants of were no longer
present ?

3)  Have you tried downloading the Fixit, saving it, then configuring XP
to Clean Boot, and then run the Fixit in it is Aggressive mode ?

4) When IE 8 was installed, what was the installed AV/Sec suite and was
it actively monitoring the system with real time protection, shields, or
services ?

*-343-* FDNY
Never Forgotten
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied to MowGreen on 02-Apr-10 08:05 PM
@Mow: See,
especially/primarily #11, #12, & #13.
MowGreen replied to PA Bear [MS MVP] on 03-Apr-10 02:46 PM
Since I cannot access the MSKB today ... I withdraw any previous suggestions.

*-343-* FDNY
Never Forgotten
MrSoftware replied to MowGreen on 05-Apr-10 08:58 AM
I will input my testing results on the MS page you mention after some more

[1] AVG - latest updates as of Mid-March

I noticed some things were detected by MSE that were not detected by AVG.

[2] Yes - I used (a) Revo Uninstaller V 1.95 and (b) Eusing Free Registry
Cleaner V 2.6

So I belive any residue (from AVG) was cleaned out.

[3] I cannot remember (I have a ton of stuff on this one).

I will try the fixits under a 'clean boot'. For now I have 'stripped down' my
system so almost nothing comes up during the OS startup.

[4] I re-installed IE and that actually caused the primary problem (WU site
blank page) I have now (If I remember correctly). This was only 2 weeks ago
and at the time (of install) I had only MS tools running - (a) MSE -
Microsoft Security Essentails and (b) MS Firewall.
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied to PA Bear [MS MVP] on 05-Apr-10 11:37 AM
Make that:


Especially/primarily posts #11, #12, & #13.
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied to MrSoftware on 05-Apr-10 11:37 AM
MrSoftware replied to MowGreen on 08-Apr-10 02:29 PM
Sorry it took so long to work on this.

[1] Initially I mis-understood 'clean boot' to mean 'safe boot'.

FixIt 50202 would not install in 'safe boot' mode - WU services not active
if safe boot.

[2] Tryed FixIt 50202 under a 'clean boot', in aggressive mode, and it
installed OK.

(A) Your advice to another user for MS Article ID 310353 is what really
helped me.

I realized, after reading 310353, what 'clean boot' is an went through the
50202 process.

(b) FixIt 50202 did NOT fix the problem - A blank page comes up for MS WU

(c) I did put some feedback on the KB 971058 as you mentioned.

[3] I used AVG free edition (latest as of Feb 2010) with a ZoneAlarm firewall.

[4] I re-installed IE8 AFTER I installed MicroSoft Security Essentials (MSSE).

Thanks tons for you input.

I am know going through the WindowsUpdate.log to better determine next steps
to solve this.
MrSoftware replied to PA Bear [MS MVP] on 08-Apr-10 03:01 PM
I reviewed all the material on the links you provided.

I wont be trying a 'backup' and then 'format' with 'clean install' any time

I may try a 'transfer wizard' of the system to a Windows 7 machine (also not
right now).

I am going to hammer away at the problem a little more with the additional
verifiers(, rootkit scanners and other approaches mentioned in
this forum.

Thanks ever so much for your excellent advice and help!!!

PS. I will install the KB 971029 - Update for AutoPlay functionality -
Thanks again.
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied to MrSoftware on 08-Apr-10 03:40 PM
...and possibly infect the Win7 computer in the process?  Not a very wise
move IMHO.