Windows 7 - Allow another user access to program?

Asked By steadygir on 04-Apr-07 12:10 PM
I installed a program as an administrator.  I want 2 of the 3 users on my
computer to have access to it, but the only time it shows up in the start
menu is when I'm logged in as an administrator.  How do I give other users
access to it?  The so-called "Help" suggestion is to right click on the
program, go to Properties, click on the Security tab, and then click on
there is no button or tab that will allow me to add users to the ones
currently allowed to use the program.

Someone, please help.

Ronnie Vernon MVP replied on 04-Apr-07 03:28 PM

Right click the shortcut for the program and select Properties/Security Tab.

In the "Groups and Users" section, select the account that you want to give
privileges to and click the Edit Button. In the bottom section, place a
check mark in the Allow Column/Full Control Box. Apply/OK. Do this for each
user account that you want to have access to this program.

After this is complete, right click the shortcut to the program and select
Copy. Right click the Start Button and select
Explore All Users. Select the Programs Folder there and right click and
Paste the shortcut. This will place a copy of the shortcut into the
Start/All Programs in every user account.

Ronnie Vernon
Microsoft MVP
Windows Shell/User
steadygir replied on 04-Apr-07 05:32 PM
Ronnie - The accounts I want to give privileges to do not show up in the
Ronnie Vernon MVP replied on 04-Apr-07 08:39 PM

In the Security Tab, click the Advanced Button at the bottom. Click the
Permissions Tab. If you still don't see those accounts, Click the Edit

On the next dialog box, click the Add Button. In the "Enter the object name"
box, type the exact name of the account you wish to add to the list.

Click the Check Names Button and then click OK. Another box will pop up,
select the Full Control box in Permissions. Start clicking the OK buttons
until your out of there.

Reboot and log on with that user to check.


Ronnie Vernon
Microsoft MVP
Windows Shell/User