Windows 7 - User Accounts and UAC Strange Behaviour, Users are not shown under "Manage another account"

Asked By lushdog on 06-Jun-07 10:03 AM
Hi, I'm having several problems with my User Accounts.

1) If I try to click "Manage Another Account" I do not see a list of
my users, just an empty box under "Choose the account you would like
to change." If I create a new account I still have a blank box where
the list of users should be.

2) I cannot change the type of account. When I open "Change your
account" I get a blank user picture and it is set to "Standard User"
even though I am part of the Administrator group. Changing account
types and hitting OK has no effect.

3) I cannot turn UAC on or off. When I open the UAC panel it is
unchecked even if UAC is on. If I check the box and hit OK I am not
prompted to reboot. If I check the box and hit Ok then return,the UAC
box is still unchecked (same as with changing account types), so it's
obvious it is not turning UAC on. I can turn the UAC on by using the
tool in Msconfig.exe and then rebooting.

4) What is fishy is that I can see the list of my users (with their
pictures) if I go to "Set-up parental controls" under "Manage another
account." I can also create a new user account from that screen but of
course I cannot do anything with it.

5) I am using Vista Home Premium so I cannot load the "Local Users and
Groups" snap-in to see if I can modify my users from there.

If you know of other message boards where I could post this question
please let me know.

Thank you in advance,


Jimmy Brush replied on 07-Jun-07 12:06 AM

While I'm not sure what's causing your problems, I can offer a workaround:

- Open an elevated command prompt (right-click, run as administrator)
- Use the net command to administer your user accounts
- Type: net help user
and: net help localgroup
This will display information on how to use the net comand to manage

For example:

net user
lists the users on your computer

net user USER /active:yes
enables USER's account

net user USER /delete
deletes USER's account

net user USER PASSWORD /add
creates USER's account with password of PASSWORD

net localgroup administrators USER /add
makes USER an administrator

net localgroup administrators USER /remove
makes USER a normal user

Microsoft MVP - Windows Shell/User
Windows Vista Support FAQ -
HvanRossu replied on 19-Aug-07 02:12 PM
I am having exact the same problem in Vista Ultimate, anybody have a solution?

Thanks, Hans