Windows 7 - user profile did not load correctly

Asked By Glen on 20-Jul-07 11:08 PM
My user profile did not load correctly and i have been given a temporary
profile. Anything i do on thid temporary profile is lost when i log off. How
can i fix my user profile so it loads correctly.

usasm replied on 24-Jul-07 09:22 AM
I haven't tried this, but the author says that it worked for him:

Otherwise, I'd create a new user profile for yourself and selectively
transfer your documents over to the new profile.

- John
cquirke (MVP Windows shell/user) replied on 25-Jul-07 04:12 AM
On Fri, 20 Jul 2007 20:08:00 -0700, Glen D <Glen

Eish, this is a real "heartsink" post, and I've been eyeing it awhile

Windows will spawn a temporary profile if the profile can't load,
which is often due to a bad registry hive, or a bad rehgistry hive log
file.  The hive log file you can rename away or delete, but the hive
itself you would need to recover e.g. from System Restore \SVI.

This temporary profile is transient; changes are not persisted across
runtime sessions.  So you're stuck with unsafe UI duhfaults etc.

Windows will spawn a duplicate profile with the PC name appended to
the end of the subtree name, if you "just" do a repair install.  This
is in effect a new user account that has a different underlying CLSID
(or is that GUID?) and it will persist across runtimes as you expect.

An implication of this is that you should not hard-code account
subtree references, even to "known" names such as "All Users", as
these may no longer be active after a "repair" install.

Repairing the file system (ChkDsk /F or AutoChk) may re-facilitate
access, or irreversibly damage bent files in a way that ChkDsk can
then no longer detect as being bent.

All of the above is from XP experience, BTW, as are my notes [*1] on
recovering registry hives from \SVI via Bart.  The concepts should
carry over where applicable, but the mechanisms will differ.

[*1]  See...

The most accurate diagnostic instrument
in medicine is the Retrospectoscope
jbrulz replied on 12-Apr-08 08:58 AM
I have the same problem, but I dont get a temp account. I get a toolbar
like 98, a pop up box appears telling me my user has failed to load, and
a toolbar icon appears saying that there are errors. I have no idea on
what it is, the only way i can get it going is if i start it in safe
mode. Does anyone know why it is doing this?