Windows 7 - Admin rights problems

Asked By Stoff on 22-Aug-07 01:14 PM
Why doesn't Microsoft fix the problem many users have with admin rights? Many
users complain about not having admin rights to files and folders on their
own computer, despite the fact that they have been to security settings and
made themselves administrator for the folders/files in question.

Doesn't Microsoft think their users are mature enough to handle their own
computer? I regret ever buying Vista, I don't need a babysitter who overrules
me when I want to use my computer.

Please get to it, and make an update which cancels this obvious flaw.

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UnswoleLilDude replied on 22-Aug-07 02:57 PM
Most people don't know any better and that's why Microsoft created UAC in
Windows Vista.  It's meant to protect your from yourself.

Microsoft can't win with you people.  You complain when their OS is not
secure and you complain when they create an OS that's secure.

Oh yeah, if you want to have full Admin rights in Windows Vista check out
the link below.  Don't come crying when your computer's infected with
malware and having problems from running it as Administrator.

Helping you get the MOST out of your Vista PC.