Windows 7 - Preloaded software

Asked By Tablespide on 25-Sep-07 11:58 AM

As someone who  hates AOL with a passion (it's pernicious) how can I remove
it from my new Vista HP PC?

It doesn't seem to show up under the "remove programs" option.. probably
because I haven't taken the option of actually installing it (which makes
sense) but I want to remove any sight of, in case of accidental installation,
or just to have it removed from my menus and from the registry...



f/fgeorge replied on 25-Sep-07 12:40 PM
Lool for the program 'pc-decrapifier'. It is designed to remove all
pre-installed junk off new computers. It gives you a list of stuff to
remove so you can leave what you want to.
Tablespide replied on 25-Sep-07 03:54 PM
Sounds perfect, has anyone else used this.. I have to confess to some
Ronnie Vernon MVP replied on 25-Sep-07 04:00 PM
If you haven't set AOL up yet, there shouldn't be anything in the registry.
Right click the AOL installation shortcut and select Properties, this should
tell you where the installation files are located. Go there and delete the
AOL folder and then delete any shortcuts you find.


Ronnie Vernon
Microsoft MVP
Windows Shell/User
Tablespide replied on 25-Sep-07 04:46 PM
As it is not an actual programme - as you suggest - do I just do a trawl
through the registry?
Ronnie Vernon MVP replied on 26-Sep-07 12:40 AM
If this is the AOL9 that comes with many new systems, It's an installation
program. Go ahead and try a registry search and let us know what you find.


Ronnie Vernon
Microsoft MVP
Windows Shell/User
Tablespide replied on 27-Sep-07 05:22 AM
First thing found (and nothing actually changed yet):

OEM0  REG_SZ  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Online
Services\United Kingdom\AOL 9.0.Ink

OEM0  REG_SZ  C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Easy Internet Services.Ink

My instant thought would be to "modify" and delete the entry.. is that the
way forward... and I assume (I'll go and check) that because AOL software is
so pernicious, there'll be more entries dotted throughout the registry.

Appreciate the help.