Windows 7 - Ghost User Account

Asked By Theodore Dange on 30-May-08 12:47 AM
After recently recieving my computer from the manufacturer for repairs, I
found that they had wiped my harddrive as part of the process and then when
they reinstalled everything they created a user account called TEST.  Since
it was the only account I just used it when I got it back and started moving
all my files back in.  This is where I ran into my problem.  I changed the
name of the user account from TEST to Tuna, which is what it was named
before.  But I've found that it didn't change everything completely.  In the
start menu it says "Tuna" and when I clicked on it, it takes me to the folder
with the documents, music, pictures, etc.  And even in the address bar it
said Tuna.  However, under C:\Users, there is no Tuna folder, but there is a
TEST folder.  In the TEST folder I find all the same files and stuff from the
Tuna folder.  When I ping the accounts in the cmd window, I get normal
results from Tuna but it can't find TEST.  And when I try to run some
programs such as Matlab, it gives me errors saying that it's looking for
something in TEST and not finding it and other erros to that nature.  So it
appears that I have a little of both accounts in one.  The question is how do
I fix it.

Brink replied on 30-May-08 03:27 AM
Theodore Danger;730801 Wrote:

Hi Theodore,

You still only have just the one "C:\Users\TEST" account, but with
problems you are getting. You will need to go back and rename the
account back to "TEST" to stop the errors. The "C:\Users\user name"
folder can not be renamed. Instead, a new user account must be created
first, then delete the old "TEST" account from within the new one.

Hope this helps,


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