Windows 7 - Files have turned into Folders

Asked By Webske on 24-Jun-07 09:04 PM
I have been sorting out my Music Folder which contains about 700+ files.  At
the same time I was transferring some of these files over to iTunes so that I
could put them on my iPod.  However, when I went back to my Music Folder, I
found that all the files had been turned into folders, i.e. all songs by the
same artist, say Anastacia, have now been put into a folder named
'Anastacia'.  I have tried changing the View to show the 'Details' again, but
nothing happens.  Will I have to open up each folder and manually transfer
the files within back into the 'Music' Folder.

I'm not sure whether I've explained this very well, but any help would be


DrKlienmah replied on 25-Jun-07 02:46 AM
That is iTunes. It asks you after installation if you want it to
automatically manage your music files, or if you want to manage them
yourself. You probably picked the automatic (default) option.
Webske replied on 25-Jun-07 03:30 AM
Thanks for the reply, but is there some way I can reverse this process so
that my files are simply a detailed list again.
DrKlienmah replied on 26-Jun-07 01:08 AM
Set iTunes to let you organize your music (in the preferences).
Extract the contents of the folders (the songs), then delete the folders.
Webske replied on 26-Jun-07 06:28 AM
Many thanks.  I am working on it now.