Windows 7 - DirectX can not working the vista 64X

Asked By lofelixFelixL on 06-Apr-07 12:26 PM
I had already download the DirectX in my system, but my online the net game
still could not found this .

Dale White replied on 06-Apr-07 12:50 PM
What game are you talking about ? It's possible that it'sa bug in the game.
I recently bought Command and conquer 3 and after installing it under Vista
64. I got this error

I then applied the patched out for the game and all was well. Not CnC3 is a
Games for Windows approved game with Vista support, and ithad problems. So
though rare, some games may have issues.

When you saying downloaded Direct X, are you referring to DX9.0C or the
runtime update ?
lofelixFelixL replied on 06-Apr-07 01:46 PM
Yes, I set up the Direct9c and X. but all the same.

vista home premium
CPU: Core2 Duo E6600 (2.4GHz) just support 64X
NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT

This Net game is from(UNALIS,TW) Joymax, inc.--Silkroad(FOS)2 online

that's all.
Its make me very disappointment. ( could not find out Direct9c and DirectX )
too sad...
Chuck Walbourn [MSFT] replied on 06-Apr-07 02:09 PM
NOTE: Command and Conquer 3 is not a "Games for Windows" branded title. The
games that actually carry this branding are listed at

All Windows games can be placed in the 'Games for Windows' area of a retail
store, but unless they have the branding on the box Microsoft can't say much
about their ability to run smoothly on Windows Vista (or XP for that

Chuck Walbourn
SDE, XNA Developer Connection

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
Chuck Walbourn [MSFT] replied on 06-Apr-07 02:10 PM
This is likely a bug with the installer. Have you tried running the install
with the "Compatablity Mode" enabled? Create a short-cut for the install,
use the properties to set Compatabilty Mode for Windows XP SP 2 and try
installing it that way. This will 'lie' to the installer that the current
version of DX is "9.0c".

Chuck Walbourn
SDE, XNA Developer Connection

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
Dale White replied on 06-Apr-07 02:42 PM
That was my bad. I remember, while looking at CnC3 at the store and I saw
Company of Heroes was a GFW and that stuck in my head, then when I was
writing the reply, I was looking at the top of my Supreme Commander box,
thinking it was the CnC3 box and with all that Tiberium green on  the case
well, what I can I say.

Anyway, now that I have my head on straight, it makes more sense why I had
trouble with it under Vista64
uberner replied on 18-Apr-07 05:28 PM
I too get a problem when running a game on 64bit vista.  It's not the game,
it's vista.  It doesn,t matter that it looked like it did, but directx 9.0(b
or c) won't install. When I go to look for the directx folder in system files
it isn't there.  It won't work.

PS:  Yes, made sure that i installed directx and not the runtime update.
Drew replied on 19-Apr-07 11:55 PM
why would you try to install directx 9 when vista comes with directx 10
already installed and if a application or game needs something other than
the version that you have (directx 10) than it usually asks you to install
it....You would not install the full version of directx 9 or 8 or 7 but only
what files directx 10 needs in order to run that application or game....
Fetterb replied on 08-May-07 09:48 PM
Hi. I dont know if i can be helpfull with any of my experience but here is
what i did.
I am running Vista64 Ultima what makes it a bit more tricky in many cases to
find suiteble software if i dont want to install the 32 bit version.  I
installed a game what in the process asked for directx 9 to be installed, as
i knew i had directx 10 installed already i did not click the instalation box
and thought that would be enough. When starting the game i got the error that
a specific directx 9 file was missing. I tryed to run the game in winxp mode
but same error. So i had to reinstall included the direct 9. After that the
game started as normal. That means for me that even you have direct 10
installed it is not backwards compatible.