Windows 7 - Quake 4

Asked By Terje Lloyd Andersen on 03-Jun-07 06:52 AM
Hi. Just got my new PC ( Intel Dual Core, 2 GB RAM, nVIDIA GeForce 8600GT
and VISTA 32-bit ).
Anyone out there who knows how to make Quake 4 work on this PC?
Thanks in advance.
Terje Lloyd Andersen
Solvegen 28, 1533 Moss
+47 922 87 090

wapba replied on 03-Jun-07 05:22 PM
What problems are you having installing Q4?   We have tested it and it
runs/installs fine
VRG Scotty©
Terje Lloyd Andersen replied on 03-Jun-07 07:04 PM
Hi again
The problem WAS that Vista told me there are known compatibility problems
with Quake4.
When I asked for help from "the system", it told me nothing. THEN - somebody
told me I needed LATEST version of Macromedis Flash to play Quake4. Since
this is a brand new PC, I had not been thinking of this issue - I downloaded
the last version, and BINGO: Quake4 runs as before - VERY NICE.
Terje Lloyd Andersen
Solvegen 28, 1533 Moss
+47 922 87 090
Dustin Harper replied on 03-Jun-07 08:29 PM
There are a few games that will throw up that message "known compatibility
problems". I have found that it works just fine. :)

Dustin Harper

Nightow replied on 20-Jun-07 12:52 AM
Sorry to say, you are slightly wrong. I tried Quake 4 on Vista 64, and the
game wouldn't run at all. I got so disgusted with a pretty good portion of my
games not working on Vista 64, I removed it from my system, and went back to
WindowsXP for the time being.
Nonymous replied on 20-Jun-07 06:25 AM
=?Utf-8?B?TmlnaHRvd2w=?= <Nightowl@> wrote in

Works fine for me.  I'm also running Vista64.  When did you last try, eight
years ago? :)  Early on, Vista video drivers weren't handling OpenGL very
well, if at all.  Most recent drivers are a lot better.

The *only* problem I have with Games and Vista64 is BF2... Vista tends to
bluescreen on my while while loading the next map.  I seem to be in the
minority there, too, as most people claim it works fine for them with