Windows 7 - Chess Titans locking up computer

Asked By Lynne on 01-Sep-07 11:47 PM
When I first got my machine the chess game worked fine. Now when I try to
play it just sits there and eventually locks up the machine. I have to do a
hard reboot. I have two NVidia GeForce 7600 GS video cards. I even tried to
uninstall and reinstall the game and it still tries to load the saved game I
was playing the last time it worked. Any way to clear it completely out and
then reinstall?

Thanatos replied on 02-Sep-07 05:15 AM

Delete your saved game via start button/your computer name

(top right on the list)

saved games/Microsoft games. Delete Chess Titans

Then try again
Lynne replied on 02-Sep-07 01:56 PM
Thanks you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, that didn't work. Now I
just get a new game that locks up the computer. I guess I will try the
uninstall/reinstall routine again, and look through the registry to see
if there are any keys left after the uninstall, which I will get rid of.

Thanks again.
Lynne replied on 02-Sep-07 03:57 PM
Actually, I see you do not uninstall Chess Titans, but simply turn it
off. How do I uninstall/reinstall it?