Windows 7 - Joy stick to play games

Asked By Alan T on 09-Nov-07 12:57 AM
Any recommendations on average price game joy stick?

Paul Smith replied on 09-Nov-07 10:16 AM
Well for a joystick, depending on your usage, you may want to make sure it
has a rudder control, ideally on the stick, and an accelerator too.  A lot
of cheap joysticks don't have either of those and it makes using a Flight
Simulator a pain.

For a joypad, an Xbox 360 controller is the best solution I've found.

Paul Smith,
Yeovil, UK.
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User.

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CJM replied on 09-Nov-07 11:31 AM
Logitech Extreme 3D

Lots of buttons, throttle + yaw control, robust and programmable. And none
of that annoying force feeback sh*t.
Drew replied on 09-Nov-07 09:52 PM
I personally use the Saitek x45 flight control system for my flight games great !!