Windows 7 - Running 32 bit games on 64 bit Vista Ultimate

Asked By javelin1946 on 04-Dec-08 11:13 AM
Hi   :)

I am a newby with 64bit OS, how do I get my 32 bit games to run, I have
just built a new Intel Quad 9550 / Nvidia 9800GT / 4Gb / 1TB + 400GB HDD
machine with Vista 64 bit Ultimate. I have tried HalfLife 2 which is
supposed to be compatible, The programme updates and loads from Steam
ok, but it just locks up while loading to play and drops a flag in the
left upper corner saying "64-bit mode active". Prog Manager, says
programme not responding.

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Richard P replied on 04-Dec-08 12:05 PM

Have you tried running anyother games and do they just lock up. Try
unintalling HL2 and then reinstalling making sure you've deleted all the
local content first. If that doesnt work then try changing tyhe drivers your
using. I'm running HL2 in Vista X64 Ultimate and it runs fine.
Jonathan Mars replied on 04-Dec-08 09:03 PM
Vista64 has a 32bit compatibility layer so you can run both 64bit and 32bit
apps/games. A few tips for gaming in Vista in general, do not install games
to the default Programs(X86) folder as that is a protected folder and some
older games can't write their save games there, install latest version of
Directx because Vista shipped with Directx10 and is missing a file some
older games need (installing latest version of Directx will put that file
and back in place and not mess up DX10), some games need administrator
access (right click the game exe and select run as admin). Lack of admin
access may be your issue. I have HL2 on Vista64 and it runs fine.
jdtaduvai replied to Jonathan Mars on 19-Aug-09 06:07 AM
i too have the same problem guya...i hav a 64 Bit Vista home premium and
im unable to play Counterstrike::condition zero in my lappy..

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