Windows 7 - internal microphone in laptop - not being recognized

Asked By emaily8 on 27-Feb-07 06:04 AM
i hope someone can help me!!
i was testing my microphone and it wasnt picking up any sound so i went to
the devices and thought i would disable then enable the microphone to see if
it would work.. but then it disappeared from the list!! everytime i go into
the audio recording section nothing comes up! i know that there is definitley
internal microphones but its just a matter of surfacing it on my screen!!
please help... anyone!?!?
p.s i tried system restore but stupid me didnt put in a resotre point
earlier so i have nothing to go back to

Mike Brannigan replied on 27-Feb-07 07:11 AM
Have you got the appropriate driver for it from the laptop vendors website
for Vista support ?

Mike Brannigan
emaily8 replied on 27-Feb-07 03:53 PM
yeah i thought of that after i posted the quesiton and now i got it back -
but thanks anyway.
Although... now its not picking up sound yet it says that its on and working
and the levels are all they way up to 100