Windows 7 - Drivers for saa7134 Tv card

Asked By Knud Rasmussen on 02-Mar-07 06:54 AM
Kworld have new saa 7134 drivers for vista. I have downloaded the driver,
but it do not work. Can anyone explain how to install the driver, there is
no instruktion in yhe driver file.

JW replied on 02-Mar-07 08:56 AM
If one of the files downloaded  is setup.exe or install.exe I would try
running it.
Knud Rasmussen replied on 02-Mar-07 09:19 AM
Yes there is a setup.exe, but it still don't work. There must be a special
way to install it. When I try, it says that there is no "tv card". There is
a lot of directories, a.o. one with the name drvhotfix, but nothing about
how to do it.
JW replied on 02-Mar-07 09:57 AM
Is the card installed when you run setup?
If yes another option then would be to go to device manage and try to
install or update the driver by pointing to your set of install files.
ziranos5 replied on 05-Mar-07 02:14 AM
saa7134 vista driver place  help
andreea replied on 07-Sep-09 01:34 PM
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waqas ali replied to JW on 03-Dec-09 07:21 AM
hello alizia i am all ri
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i nead for my tv tuner
chandra sekhar replied to JW on 18-Jul-10 01:34 PM

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I am awaiting your early reply

chandra sekhar