Windows 7 - Va11a X10 usb video driver. Interesting answer from the vendor.

Asked By J on 19-Mar-07 02:26 PM
Still looking for the va11a driver from x10.

I thought this was an interesting response from them. I didn't know that
Windows vista was not yet 'trustworthy'.

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We do not expect to have VA11A drivers for Vista until May 1st at the very
earliest. Remember, a Microsoft operating system is not really trustworthy
until the first Service Pack comes out. If you have any more questions,
please reply to this email. Thanks for choosing X10!

X10 Email Support

BetaTester999 replied on 25-Apr-07 12:32 PM

go to the X-10 user forum, there is a work-a-round that truly does work.
search for
VISTA Drivers and look for it.

I have edited the VA11A driver and have it working as I type this message.

the x-10 users have figured out what is going on long before x-10 support
gets close

good luck

"SP" replied on 06-Oct-08 12:07 AM
It's now October 2008 and they still don't have a working driver.

It's a shame that the X0 support is so poor. The workaround does work
with SP1, but it's scary to install software that still talks about
Windows 98.

Talking with X10 tech support got me nowhere.

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