Windows 7 - Vista 64: Driver for BT848 Chipset (Hauppauge WinTV PCI)?

Asked By Jens Kaiser on 06-Apr-07 12:51 PM

there is an Open Source hardware driver for  Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879
Latest revision: 2004! However it is supposed to install and work under
Vista 64 properly - if Vista's signature verification for hardware drivers
is disabled.
Do you know how to disable this check? Or does another driver exist for this
aged hardware that works well under Vista 64?



Carlo replied on 09-Apr-07 11:00 AM
- Method #1 (temporary)
Press F8 during boot in order to access boot options.
Choose the one that disables the driver signature thing.
Please note that you will have to do this on every reboot because the
setting is not permanent.
- Method # 2 (permanent)
Run a command prompt as administrator.
Type: Bcdedit.exe /set TESTSIGNING ON
and hit ENTER.
Close the command prompt window and reboot.
This will disable the driver signing requirement permanently.
If you want to enable it again, do the same but type OFF instead of ON.