Windows 7 - how to remove Realtek AC'97 Audio?

Asked By G on 20-Apr-07 02:56 PM
I install Realtek Ac'97 Audio using Window Update but realtek AC'97 Audio is
not listed in programs and features. I want to remove it to install the
latest driver on realtek website 2007/3/12
Is that driver stable enough to be use in Windows Vista? Should i wait until
microsoft release it on Windows Update?

Can i use Realtek AC'97 Audio Properties to uninstall it instead? will this
remove everything including the realtek startup.

Conor replied on 20-Apr-07 03:58 PM
In article <>, GT
Just download and run the installer from Realtek. It'll uninstall
previous versions.


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The Helper replied on 12-Jun-07 12:57 AM
Hey, go into your Bios (By pressing Delete or F1 on start up, depends on the
motherboard,) anyway, Go into your "Integrated Peripherals" or it might be
under another name. Either way, by default your mother board sets OnBoard
sound to "Auto" so you have to change that to "Disabled" to truely get rid
of all of its little drivers and what not.

The Helper.