Windows 7 - Scanner Canon Canoscan 3000f on 64bit Vista

Asked By Sandy on 29-May-07 09:33 PM
There are no drivers for my scanner as it is not compatible with 64bit Vista.
Does this mean my scanner is now redundant? Hey, I like this scanner!! Is
there a solution or is it now a pedal car?

fkirsche replied on 29-May-07 09:59 PM

The following site sells Vista compatible scanner drivers/software for over
700 different models of scanners:

The manufacturer of my scanner didn't support my scanner in Vista either, so
I purchased the software from that site for $40.  It works well, and I'm
still using my scanner in Vista.  You need to check that your model is
supported by them and then decide whether $40 is the way you want to go.
tektaktyks replied on 27-May-09 07:04 AM
i was able to install canoscan 3000f drivers on windows 7 x64 under the
virtual "xp mode" and i am able to use it just like before on 32 bit
system,hope it helps

Cahponnet replied on 07-Oct-09 06:11 PM
tektaktyks;1264963 Wrote:

I am totally new to Vista, so I would really appreciate some
explanations on how to install the driver under the virtual "xp mode"

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Tae Song replied on 07-Oct-09 11:48 PM
That's Windows VII not VIsta.
Cahponnet replied on 08-Oct-09 01:31 PM
That's Windows VII not VIsta.

Oh I see...  Sorry

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