Windows 7 - Volume slider drops to Zero

Asked By dobo on 19-Jun-07 06:23 PM
Clean install vista home basic

My volume starts off at zero, and the only way I can get sound to play is to
manually hold the slider bar up.  If I release the volume slider control bar
(let go of the mouse button) the slider drops all the way back down to zero,
by itself, and I can't hear anything again.

Has anyone ever heard of this problem?

Captain Roberts replied on 20-Jun-07 07:09 PM
What is the sound device in your system?  Maybe there is a driver update for
thatsnotfun replied on 28-Aug-08 09:14 PM
I'm having the exact same problem.  I just bought a Dell inspiron 1525
with Vista SP1.  I can't get the volume to stay up unless I continually
hold the sound control.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Paul Montgomery replied on 28-Aug-08 10:15 PM
Yeah.  it is a brand new computer fer crissakes! Contact Dell support.