Windows 7 - Solution: 3COM 3C905-TX drivers for Vista

Asked By Peter Puuppo on 09-Jul-07 10:02 AM
In the afternoon (7 hrs ago) I installed my first Vista Business
OEM-version. I was surprized that Vista did not find any suitable
drivers for my 3COM 3C905-TX network adapter. Even if this is not a
brand new network adapter model it was some years back the most popular
of the 3COM 10/100 adapters.

Time to start Googling to get this sluggishly slow Vista up and
networked. Uhh, this Vista is a real crawler, even on an Athlon 3500 CPU
with 1 GB of RAM.

I soon found serveral others looking 3COM Vista drivers also. Someone
told that 3C905 drivers are there on the Vista installation-DVD, and
they should get automatically installed. I tried this and made Vista
search drivers again from the DVD, but again it did not find anything.
Some other suggested that Driver Guide site has new and suitable Vista
driver for 3C905. I again found nothing Vista related from there.

The solution for this Vista problem simple once you find it. Just go and
download this 5 year old driver from 3COM site here:

Run the EXE that appears to be a DOS-style self extracting file and
extract it to some temporary folder. Now make Vista to look 3C905 driver
from that folder, and Vista finds a driver and installs it. After that
you can go and check the driver version and it looks like this:

Vista is now completely happy with this driver and you can get to the

But once you now got to the web you can make Vista to look even newer
driver, it even seems to find something and installs this kind of driver

There is only very small, or none, difference between those driver
versions and both seem to run fine on Vista.

So this was only for 3C905 adapter, now there is only 10.000 other open
Vista driver problems to be solved. Hopefully someone could save 7 hours
of his/hers work time with this tip:)

surveytaker replied on 25-Nov-07 01:34 AM
I did just exactly what you said and it worked perfect :) he he  I'm
just curious how did you come to try that?

Thanks again

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Alysson replied on 19-May-08 10:21 AM
Tanks guy...
I'm from Brazil and was looking for a solution, with the driver for
But its so difficult to find these drivers yet.
I'll try your tip...

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petercm replied on 13-Jan-09 09:50 AM
Just used this same solution on the Windows 7 Beta.  Worked great!

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Primoz Hladnik replied to petercm on 09-Feb-10 05:23 AM
How exactly do I install these drivers? which file has to be downloaded from 3com homepage?