Windows 7 - USB Malfunction?

Asked By Ernde3 on 14-Aug-07 05:14 PM
I have a Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Racing Wheel, and when I plug it into
our new computer that has Vista on it, an error bubble pops up saying that
the device malfunctioned and Windows can't recognize it.  But I know the
wheel works because I used it two weeks ago on our old computer that has XP
on it.  I've tried Logitech tech. support, but I was told to get on Microsoft
here and search.  If somebody can help me out, I'd VERY much appreciate it.

Shwoarm replied on 14-Aug-07 06:10 PM
Uninstall all drivers and software for the wheel and install the latest for
it from here:,en

then try again. If you havent done so already that is.
Ernde3 replied on 14-Aug-07 06:16 PM
Already did that as well.  It did not work.  Somebody on Logitech's forums
told me that there is some sort of USB Numeration problem with some versions
of Vista.
Shwoarm replied on 14-Aug-07 06:44 PM
hello again Just did a search on the forum with USB enumeration problem in
vista and found the following:

Click on the top one error code 10.. Have a look at the last post by
R.Mcathy that might help
Ernde3 replied on 14-Aug-07 07:54 PM
Well I found some "Phantoms", but they all say "Unknown Devices" and when I
click on properties, it says the device needs to be reconnected to the
Ernde3 replied on 14-Aug-07 07:58 PM
Here is what is says under each Phantom device when i click properties,
"Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)".
GIMomm replied on 28-Aug-07 02:46 PM
That's the same one I get.  I had trouble with my back up and storage (by the
looks of things, this is not an uncommon problem), so, I ordered an external
hard drive (specifically for Vista) like many support threads suggested.  No
software, just USB & go.  Worked the 1st 2 days.  Yesterday, Windows
installed a "critical" update.  Went to use it last night and couldn't.
Still can't.  It's telling me it's a bad device.

This is getting ridiculous.  I spend more time researching issues, codes,
errors, updates and downloads, trying to FIX my BRAND NEW computer, than I
spend actually using it!

So now, I've got everything backed up, but cannot get to it!  Not good...
Cal Bear '66 replied on 28-Aug-07 03:01 PM
This solution has worked for some people with problematic USB devices:

Locate the file INFCACHE.1 in C:\Windows\inf

Right click on the INFCACHE.1 file, select Properties >Security > Edit, and give
your account full control.

Delete INFCACHE.1, or rename it to INFCACHE.1.BAK or temporarily move to your


I Bleed Blue and Gold
Snuffy replied on 28-Aug-07 06:07 PM
I have had this problem, when I unplugged the USB device wrong.
Yes you can loose all info....

I found that if I unplug before I click OK  the info is there.... If I
unplug after I click OK, all info is GONE.
I have not tested this since the latest upgrades have been installed.
I also found it was best to NOT HAVE IT PLUGGED IN WHEN BOOTING...
BUT TO PLUG IN  after the boot - worked FINE.

make sure you also have the correct USB port   many times USB 2.0 devices do
not work correctly in USB 1. ports

Yes, some ports are USB 1  not USB 2 ----> strange but true. READ your MOBO
GIMomm replied on 29-Aug-07 01:28 PM
I didn't unplug it wrong.  I always "safely remove" all of my devices.  How
did you get yours to to work again?  This happened after an update.  I've
even tried to undo the udpate and it won't let me do that, either.  I tried
what 'Cal Bear 66' suggested and still, nothing.  I'm an online student and
this is really going to screw up my 4.0.  I wish I were given the option to
have XP installed on this $2,400 laptop...