Windows 7 - Wireless Adapter Shuts Itself Off

Asked By Tibelian on 19-Aug-07 02:14 PM
I have Windows Vista Business on a Lenovo T60, Core 2 Duo T7700, 2GB RAM and
Intel PRO Wireless 3945abg network adapter.

Everything runs fine, until I step away from the computer. I have noticed
that after a certain time of no network activity, the network drops out &
the computer refuses to connect to any Wireless Network and just pops out a
after selecting my network in the 'Connect or Disconnect' box). Diagnose &
Repair also doesnt do any good and asks me to contact the wireless network
admin. On some rare occassions this has happened when I was actively working
on th network as well. The only way to get WiFi back up and running is
1. Reboot the system
2. Disable and Enable the Wireless Adapter in Device Manager

I have begun to leave Internet Radio running in mute all night nowadays just
to ensure that WiFi stays connected all the time. I have opted out of "Allow
Windows to shut this device off" for the network adapter in the Device
Manager. No dough...

What could be the problem here?

Many thanks

John replied on 20-Aug-07 04:33 PM
Your issue could be between the wireless card configuration and the wireless
router configuration. I have a T60p and it works fine with a Linksys WG54
router but I get dropped wireless connections with a Verizon Westell
wireless modem. I'm trying to determine what Westell settings I need to
change to get it to work like the Linksys.
Charle replied on 20-Aug-07 05:30 PM
Wow this is very interesting as I have the same network adapter and faced the
exact same problem!

I have Windows Vista Ultimate on a Sony Vaio AR-11M Laptop which also has
the 'Intel Pro Wireless 3945abg network adapter'.

This used to happen to me all the time after upgrading to Vista (from Xp)-
it would refuse to connect to my router until i restarted the laptop. Windows
Vistas 'problems report and solutions', detected another problem that the
adapter was causing which was that it caused the computer to sometimes crash
when it entered Standby. It told me to visit the Intel website to get the
latest driver and now it works... i don't get disconnected and my standby
problem was sorted.

My guess is that the vista drivers for this network adapter were written
rather poorly- they fixed a lot of the bugs now!

My advise would be to visit the intel download & support center and update
to the latest driver like I did.
Tibelian replied on 25-Aug-07 04:22 AM
Hi all,
I updated the firmware on my router and the situation has been resolved.
Maybe it was something with windows vista which the router update cured.
~ Tibelian
meemster replied on 29-Aug-07 01:08 PM
Hi, I have the same problem as you guys, except I have a netgear
wireless card and a netgear (semi-new) router. I noticed that whenever
my computer wasn't actively connecting to the internet, after a while,
the connection would just drop. Same thing when it comes out of standby.
It will just sit there, disconnected until I manually "Diagnose and
Repair" which takes at least a minute, or release and renew IP, which
takes just under a minute. It's totally infuriating, as I have to do
this like 3 times a day.

Has anyone noticed the problem and is using netgear hardware?