Windows 7 - Blue screen of death

Asked By Robert on 27-Dec-07 04:00 PM
I keep getting the following message - BSOD:
Usually this follows having restarted the computer after it's been switched
off for several hours:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:	BlueScreen
OS Version:	6.0.6000.
Locale ID:	2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode:	1000007e
BCP1:	C0000005
BCP2:	8B864A1D
OS Version:	6_0_6000
Service Pack:	0_0
Product:	768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

I've tried for all additional windows updates - there aren't any. I am also
using an external Maxtor onetouch minhub III.
Anyone any ideas please?


lolly replied on 28-Dec-07 06:55 PM
Robert, I've been getting something system will have an
unexpected shutdown w/ the blue screen ....the cause is w/ MAXTOR...but no
specific details.  I'm trying to backup via Vista only (turn off
MAXTOR)...but that doesn't seem to fix the problem either... any thoughts?
Robert replied on 29-Dec-07 04:07 AM
Hi Laura,
I've tried a fresh build of vista - fine again till I plug in the Maxtor.
Doesn't seem to make any difference as to whether or not I use the encryption
software - still crashes.
I've had a look on the maxtor site - but can't find anything - I will have a
longer look later and if I find anything I'll post here.
The only thing I've found which seems to reduce (but not entirely) remove
the problem is to have the Maxtor plugged into the laptop all the time -
particularly at boot-up.
I don't know much but this suggests to me the Maxtor is putting something
into the registry/BIOS - and when re-booting the system can't find it -hence
the crash.
I know this solution isn't perfect - but it's ll I've got at present.
Horrible I know - but I'm glad to have found others with the same system
problem. I tried a fresh build from the hidden partion on my computer - and
from disc  - in case my copy of Vista had become corrupt.
Colin Barnhorst replied on 29-Dec-07 12:04 PM
Some usb Maxtor One Touch drives would not work with Vista from the
beginning of beta testing in July of 2005.  There were many bugs submitted
by testers.  According to the responses from the Vista team, the firmware in
the enclosures were the problem, not the drives themselves or the usb
interface.  To my knowledge these enclosures would need a firmware update
from Maxtor.  I don't know if Maxtor addressed that.  There were a few other
enclosures that would not work with Vista.  I have an Vantage enclosure that
I can only use with my XP boxes.  Vista's timings are less tolerant than
previous versions of Windows and some usb devices that met XP's specs and
tested OK do not meet Vista's.  To my knowledge, there is nothing the user
can do to use these usb devices with Vista if the manufacturers do not do
Robert replied on 29-Dec-07 04:26 PM
Hello Colin,
Thanks for the info. I can't find any firmware updates on the maxtor site.
I'm trying a couple of options - but it'll be a day or two before I know if
they help.
Not too impressed with Maxtor if they haven't resolved this issue - I've
only had this drive a couple of weeks - bought brand new from a reputable
store. Especially as the box says quite clearly 'Works with Windows Vista'.
Colin Barnhorst replied on 29-Dec-07 04:44 PM
Then you should contact Maxtor and see if you simply have a defective unit
that should be rma'd or return to the vendor for a refund.  Don't continue
to drive yourself nuts with it.
Andie replied on 04-Feb-08 06:36 PM
The drive is likely fine.  This error is caused by an old security driver:
mxopswd.sys.  The fix is to download the software for the Maxtor OT 4...which
contains the updated (and compatible!) sys file.

Here is the link:

Hope that helps!