Windows 7 - Generic Non-PnP Monitor

Asked By Octavio on 28-Dec-07 08:01 AM
Since installing Vista Ultimate, the "Monitor" entry under my Device Manager
indicates "Generic Non-PnP Monitor",  telling me that my Gateway Plug and
Play monitor is not being recognized as "Plug and Play".
I have updated my NVidia GeForce 6200 Turbo Cache display adapter to the
most recent update.   Still my monitor is not recognized as Plug and Play.

My Nvidia Control Panel is not helping with this.  (unless the place for the
setting might be hidden in a "secret location" that I still haven't

Where else can I go in my system to see how can I fix this?   Does Windows
Vista Ultimate might have a fixable setting somewhere that might resolve
this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Carlo replied on 28-Dec-07 12:38 PM
You need to download from Gateway the driver for your monitor, usually a
small file with the "inf" extension that may come along with one *.cat and
*.icm file.
In order to install the driver...
Right click on your monitor in Device Manager.
Click on "Update driver"
Install from a specific location (advanced)
Click on "Do not search. I will pick from a list" (or whatever it is from
my Spanish version into English)
Click "Next" and then voilá, the magic "Have Disk" button should show up.
Point now to your inf file and you are done.

If you don't get a driver...
When you get to the "Have Disk" button, DO NOT press it.
Uncheck "Show all compatible hardware" and choose, under "Standard Monitor
Types" the matches closer to your monitor.

stubby replied to Octavio on 08-Dec-09 02:32 AM
Your monitor's EDID is gone. Take a look at 'this blog post'

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