Windows 7 - Changing language [Korean to English]

Asked By jenn8 on 20-Jun-07 04:05 PM
I'm not the best with computers and I tried to solve the problem myself, but
My dad bought me this TX series laptop [VGN-TX55L/W] from Korea. I want to
change the language to English and I tried all of the suggestions, changing
all the language settings to English, but everything is still in Korean!!
Please help me!!!!!!!!
Thank you~!

Richard G. Harper replied on 20-Jun-07 08:22 PM
Unless the laptop has Vista Ultimate Edition installed, you cannot change

Richard G. Harper [MVP Shell/User]
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Bruce Chambers replied on 20-Jun-07 09:45 PM
The only way would be to purchase an English version of Vista and
perform a clean installation.  It's not possible to convert or upgrade
from one language to another.  (Unless you have the English version of
Vista Ultimate, so that you can use the MUI feature.)


Bruce Chambers

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Steve replied on 03-Aug-07 12:10 PM
I knew it would be a mistake to buy Windows Vista. I just didn't know when I
was going to get that feeling. I'm really upset that SE Asian language input
options are not available on Vista Premium. There was absolutely *NO*
disclosure about that on the product comparisons on Windows ads. Under XP, it
was really easy. Is there any way to exchange this Vista OEM for XP?
Toyama, Imizu shi, Japan replied on 02-Nov-07 07:55 AM
I think Mr Richard G. Harper has replied is not the solution of query. He
better find solution.