Windows 7 - Installing Vista Ultimate Horror Story

Asked By Alber on 04-Jul-07 02:32 PM
After determining that my computer is compatible for the Vista Upgrade I
began installing Ultimate last night. Everything seemed to go fine until step
3 "Expanding Files". At 21% the computer started shutting down, (no problem
the display says it will restart several times during installation). When it
restarted however It came up with the "Windows Install" screen again and was
shaking all over the screen. It asked for the Product key again. I put it in
but then it said I had to install from version already installed. Can anyone
tell me how to reverse this installation and get back to xp pro ??? Thanks

Mr. Arnold replied on 04-Jul-07 02:58 PM
If this is a retail version of Vista, then call MS Tech Support, You have
180 days of free Vista support.

I don't think you're going to be able to go back to XP at this point. You
need to push forward, call MS.
dean-dean replied on 04-Jul-07 03:14 PM
Setup will re-boot a few times during the install: ignore the prompt  to
press any key, and setup will automatically continue in Upgrade mode after a
few seconds (if you press a key, you'll be back at square one, in which case
quit the program, and restart, ignoring the prompt).  Setup should then