Windows 7 - Easy transfer...will it delete files from old computer?

Asked By pa on 06-Oct-07 10:16 PM
Mildly panicky here.  I am using an easy transfer from one laptop (xp) to
another (vista).  I used advanced and am transferring ONLY,
videos, music.  NO settings or programs are being transferred.  Now I have
the warning screen telling me not to work on old computer or I'll have to
restart the transfer.  But what has me mildly concerned is it also says "no
files will be deleted from the old computer" if I do this.  I don't want them
deleted at all...just copied.  I guess I'm just a literalist and to me
transfer means to MOVE from one to another and I just want to COPY.  I didn't
research this well enough before I started, but I can change the page and not
lose anything according to this warning.  I DO NOT want to delete the files
from my XP computer, just copy them on to my Vista.  Am I ok here, or should
I stop the transfer?  Please's in process right now!  THANKS in

MickMurph replied on 07-Oct-07 02:16 AM
Instead of WET, why not use Memory Stick, burn to CD, external hard drive,
etc to move your data from one to the other.
As you said, you do not want to move settings!
pa replied on 07-Oct-07 08:00 AM
This is a computer that we use at work for media presentations.  It has
literally 1000's of pics and 100's of videos....very time consuming.  But
found out it doesn't delete from old....and I had performed a backup, so
we're ok anyway.....
Moving on to better stuff.  Thanks so much!
recruit.lore replied on 07-Oct-07 03:21 PM
Please clarify your question:

The message is saying "NO files w/be deleted..."  which is what you want
I did a transfer over my home network and my files were left in tact on the
old PC.
I dd made a huge mistake by doing a x-fer all and have been having troubles
ever since!  I'm still looking for a way to undo the transfer!  Windows
System Restore has failed every single time I've tried no matter what date
I've selected.