Windows 7 - Cannot Install Ultimate 64, CD/DVD Drive Missing

Asked By Gainaxe on 21-Dec-07 02:02 AM
I need help getting vista 64 installed on my computer. I have a legit
copy and when I try to install it on my computer it says I am missing
cd/dvd drivers.

My system
MotherBoard: Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6
CD/DVD drive: DRW-1814BLT(sata)
2 Hard Drives in SATA mode.

I have tried searching for the Drivers for the Asus DVD writer and they
do not have any on the website. Any suggestions?


philo replied on 21-Dec-07 07:14 AM
Did the error message specifically state cd/dvd drivers...

or was it looking for your SATA chipset drivers?

I'd load the SATA chipset drivers at the beginning of the installation when
you are asked for drivers
Gainaxe replied on 21-Dec-07 11:03 AM
Thank you very much for the suggestion philo, I tried that last night
after 3 hours of trying everything else(loaded my flash drive with the
latest sata drivers for the motherboard) and when I tried to search for
the driver it would not work. However When I manually chose the sata
driver it installed the rest of the way.
Not sure why windows gave such a cryptic message for missing
drivers(the exact message was on the lines of "A required cd/dvd drive
device driver is missing"). The only reasoning I can give is that it is
missing the controller for the CD/DVD drive(in my case sata, when I
tried googling I found someone had the same problem but missing their
ATAPI/IDE controller).
I hope anyone else who has this problem is able to find this answer.

philo replied on 21-Dec-07 11:35 AM
Well on one of the machines I had setup...
I tried to pre-load specific video drivers.
Even though the installer gave me a message that it could not load the
they were installed correctly when Vista booted.

On a previous installation, where I had not tried to pre-load the drivers...
I had quite poor video quality until I loaded them.
melabus replied on 05-Apr-08 11:24 PM
It was in my case.
Get in your Bios setup. Go to "advanced chipset settings" or what.
Set the operating mode to 64bit than 32bit. If it is the case you are

good luck. melabus