Windows 7 - Live Mail - Some "Deleted" messages permanently deleted - why?

Asked By Retie on 30-Oct-08 09:04 AM
I just noticed this morning that some deleted messages simply "disappear",
they don't go into any Deleted folders.  I have verified this by doing a
can see it prior to the Delete, but not after.  Most of my mail is also
governed by Rules, so I would expect the Deleted item to show up in the
corresponding Deleted folder.  I do see other current Deleted items.  This
appears to happen when I delete messages as I am reading them.  Here is my

1. Using the Unread quikflow, open an email
2. Delete the message
3. Can't find it in Deleted

I am suspicious that this may have something to do when Rules are applied.
Any thoughts?


Dave replied on 30-Oct-08 10:07 AM
This group is for Windows Mail, which comes with Vista.  The newer Windows
Live Mail group is

There is a Deleted Items folder under Storage Folders and under each email
account you have.  Have you looked at all of them?
Also, each folder can be set to "Hide read messages".  Check each folder to
see if the following is checked:
View - Current View - Show all messages.

Rules are applied when the messages come in, before you even have  a chance
to open them.

Vista Home Premium 32 SP1
Retie replied on 30-Oct-08 11:31 AM
Thanks for both the pointer to the proper group and the answer.  This was the
first group that popped up in a Google search, I'll move my questions to the
right one.

I did look in all the Deleted as well as the Junk folders, the strange thing
was not seeing them in a search.

I will, however, check the "Hide" options, good suggestion.

Now off to move things where they really belong.