Windows 7 - Emails come in and POOF before I can read them!

Asked By lorsha on 05-Nov-08 12:48 PM
Emails poof before I can read them!?!

New to vista email. I have all of my account setup to get my email. I
have spend the past hour checking all filter / security, but despite
turning off everything here is what happens:

I see an email appear in the indox ( inbox 1 )

Within 2 seconds, it just POOFS ... dissapears. Does not go into any
folders, it just poofs!?

Help! :cry:


lorsha replied on 05-Nov-08 01:44 PM
Ack! Please anyone?!? :cry:

Dave replied on 05-Nov-08 02:08 PM
Do you have any message rules?

Check the view setting for the Inbox.. or whichever folder
View - Current View - Show all messages

Vista Home Premium 32 SP1
lorsha replied on 05-Nov-08 02:23 PM
I do have it set on show all message hun! I just had three more poof as
I pulled in my email. Don't even have time to read them, they just poof
from the inbox ...

Dave;879260 Wrote:

Gary VanderMolen replied on 05-Nov-08 03:23 PM
Did you check your Junk E-mail folder?
Also, make sure you don't auto-delete junk mail:
Tools, Junk E-mail Options, uncheck" Permanently delete suspected junk e-mail..."

Which antivirus are you running?

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)
lorsha replied on 05-Nov-08 03:39 PM
Yep I unchecked that when I first set it up. But they still poof! I use
McAfee hun. Thanks for your help! Just had 3 more go poof!

Gary VanderMolen;879311 Wrote:

Gary VanderMolen replied on 05-Nov-08 05:17 PM
McAfee antivirus is among the top three troublemakers for Windows Mail.
Sometimes it takes a while before symptoms start showing up.
First of all, turn off email scanning in McAfee, although that is seldom sufficient.

If the problem continues, the only way you can prove or disprove that
McAfee is the culprit is to uninstall it, followed by using their debris removal tool:

If you decide to replace McAfee, we can recommend a free antivirus
program which is more compatible with Windows Mail:

Instead of switching to a different antivirus, another option is to upgrade
to Windows Live Mail (WLM), which is more resistant to the adverse effects
of overly intrusive antivirus products:

Even with WLM, you must disable email scanning in the antivirus,
for the reason explained here:

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)