Windows 7 - Skipping & Distortion in Vista Audio

Asked By CrystalShade on 25-Jul-07 12:24 AM
I bought a new Gateway with Windows Vista Home Prem.  When playing music
cds there was skipping and distortion on Media Player 11.  This was happening
with commercial cds and home burned ones as well as when playing games.
Anything with audio.   So I called the Gateway support and was advised to
update the Realtek driver, then we updated the Vista stuff and this did not
help.  So then I downloaded Winapp and it was still skipping.  So I returned
the computer to Curcuit City and got an identical one thinking it must be a
lemon.  This one immediately was skipping.  So then I spent 4 hours at the
store finding another computer.  Got an Acer now.  Well guess what?  SAME
there are no enhancements checked off.  This, I conclude must be a Vista
problem, since I've just had 3 brand new computers in 3 days do the same
thing!  I'm about to return this one too until Microsoft fixes this problem.
There are already 2 brand new computers going home because of this problem!

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ggates replied on 23-Apr-08 09:44 PM
Yep I'm about to return the second HP dv9700 laptop for the same audio
problem.  It is clearly a problem with Realtek drivers and Vista.  If I
uninstall the realtek driver and let the vista sound driver install, the
distortion goes away, but now there's no control over the sound and no
mixer or presets for sound.  I have spent hours online searching for a
fix and with tech help and everything else possible, but no fix.  I'm
done with computers that have Vista and Realtek drivers til they get it

uvbogde replied on 15-Apr-09 12:51 AM
Thanks for your solution.  My adapter is Broadcom but switching to a
different adapter solved my problem.