Windows 7 - Roxio Easy Media Creator 10

Asked By Joyce on 09-Sep-07 01:04 AM
Has anyone used the brand new Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 on Windows Vista?
I can't solve my problem I'm having with Movie Maker which is my clips that
I move down to the story board/timeline will not play back in the preview
screen after I save project and close it. I have Movie Maker 6. I was able
to create and burn a dvd ( a 2 hr one) using some photos at the beginning
and end and  a music background. But during that process, I had the same
difficulty, which my techy son by some miracle overcame by deleting some
clips then adding back in. I went back to finetune the movie and came up
against the same problem of not being able to get clips to play back from
the storyboard after saving, closing, then reopening. So I think I'll just
try a video editing software program. Any body have any recommendations?

Adam Albright replied on 09-Sep-07 01:34 AM
Sage111 replied on 27-Dec-07 06:44 PM
Roxio Easy Media Creator v 10 is more than a nightmare on Windows XP with SP2
too!  AND their support wants $1.85 US  per minute to talk with you about the
issues - no fix gauranteed either.

I LOVE Roxio older versions.  I was so looking forward to installing and
using the heck out of Roxio 10 - instead I've had a week of frustrations!

Clean Installer removed previous Roxio, Sonic, & nero, AND my Blackberry
Media Pack too (it has a Roxio program on it too)

I can't re-install my older version of Roxio now either!!!!!  IF anyone has
a solution that works to install Roxio EMC 10 PLEASE post the info here!  I
have so many movies and cds created in the older versions of Roxio that will
not open at all now either!

I've heard that Roxio did not program the new software to remove/replace
older versions but Windows Clean Installer should have remedied that issue.
Jorge13 replied on 22-Jan-08 07:39 PM
I have Roxio 9 that works fine. Now, not even kiiding I will upgrade to v10.
But coming back to the issues on Window movie maker, does anybody found a
solution for that issue?: The clips that you move down to the story
board/timeline will not play back in the preview screen after you save
project and close it. This is happening to me too often. I tried deleting one
of the video clips and dragging it back to the storyboard but the trick did
not work for me-
E replied on 29-Jan-08 12:51 AM
I use the windows movie maker all the time. If the clip or video has a red X
then the original clip is moved or deleted from the original location. It is
either that or the clip type is not supported. My big problem is converting
to be able to save and view on dvd. So far the only brand with HighMat is
Panasonic and not all of them have it. I will try Roxio.