Windows 7 - desktop background wont work

Asked By ceres 8 on 03-Jun-08 09:15 AM
since a while when i want to change the size of mine background it wont work
and i dont know why.
normally when i right click on the Desktop, choose Personalization, click
Desktop Background it would work but now it says that it is TURNED OFF.
i alread tried a lot of things but i just cant vind out how i can make it
work again.

but if i use de guest acount it works fine.
can someone help me.
thank you in advance

Brink replied on 03-Jun-08 12:42 PM
ceres 88;735191 Wrote:

Hi Ceres,

Check this setting to make sure it is unchecked:

1. Open the Control Panel (classic view)
2. Click on *Ease of Access Center* icon
3. Click on the *Make the computer easier to see* link
4. Uncheck *Remove background images (where available)* box
5. Click on *Save*

If this does not help, then see if doing the Step Two options in one of
the Methods in this tutorial to enable the Desktop Background will fix
it for you.

Hope this helps you,


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