Windows 7 - Unable to share root folder from Vista Notebook with Network

Asked By bwill on 17-Jun-08 07:12 PM
Running XP desktop (wired to network) and Vista Biz notebook (wireless to
network)...both in same Workgroup.  Wanting XP desktop to access Vista
notebook root drive.  On Vista notebook: Setup file sharing per guidelines in
various threads in this section.  Network Discovery On, File Sharing On,
Public folder sharing On, Password protected sharing Off.  Also setup share
permissions per guidelines, allowing Everyone and Guest (not really needed
due to password protected sharing being off) access to the share.  Not using
Windows Firewall, instead using Norton Internet Security on Notebook with
Personal Firewall Disabled for testing.  Access results are as follows: I am
able to see the share on XP desktop AND access public folder fine but receive
network resource" when attempting to access root share.  Not sure what
troubleshooting steps to take next, I'm fairly sure it's a share permission
problem of some sort, just can't figure out the specific problem and
solution.  Can temporarily use the public folder sharing option but don't
want to have to do this long term.  Any suggestions welcome.

Jack \(MVP-Networking\). replied on 17-Jun-08 08:15 PM
Vista root drive sharing is blocked by security.
There is no real reason to share it. If you do not want to use the public
sharing, make a new folder with a subfolder system, and put there every
thing to be shared according to your preferences.
Jack (MVP-Networking).
Gavi replied on 13-Jul-08 11:27 PM
"Jack (MVP-Networking)." wrote:
Gavi replied on 13-Jul-08 11:31 PM
Is that all you ca do. Is there anyway to by pass the security? I mean it is
nice to have a public folder but it is much more useful most of the time if
you are syncing a laptop and a home PC to go to the same root directory on
both machines, isn't it?
Gavi replied on 13-Jul-08 11:36 PM
Also I thought that Vista was going to be more seamless across nettwerks no
matter whether they were wireless on hard wired.