Windows 7 - Cant get Windows Aero to work!

Asked By vmillan2 on 12-Apr-07 10:06 PM
My computer meets all the requirments to run windows Aero but for some reason
when i try to click on it, it doesnt stay as windows aero, it switches back
to vista. i tried changing the power settings, tried changing toe theme to
vista, and still doesnt work. whenever i log onto my computer, and windows
starts up, i can see the aero windows for about 10 seconds and then when its
through fully booting up, it switches back to the normal window. when i first
got the computer it allowed me to play with the aero settings and change the
color and all that jazz. but for some reason between now and when i got the
computer (3 weeks ago) it stopped letting me use aero. and help or
explanations?? please. thank you

Ja replied on 13-Apr-07 01:34 PM
There are some programs out there that appear to be incompatable with Aero.
I'd check for updates for things you have starting up at Boot or even stop
them from starting (use msconfig) and see if that solves your problem. Then
you can add them back one by one untill you find the one thats causing the
problem if indeed that is the case.