Windows 7 - how do u turn on directx features for vista

Asked By bigman71 on 18-Jun-07 07:33 PM
i upgraded to vista and know i can not play games like halo beacuse it said
that direct draw is not working and that the hardware acceleration is
disabled. how do i enable my hardware acceleration and how do i turn on
directx features like directdraw and direct3d (also not working).

bigman71 replied on 18-Jun-07 07:40 PM
"bigman712" wrote:
Dustin Harper replied on 18-Jun-07 10:58 PM
Try installing DX9.0C from the Halo CD, or from the Microsoft download site.
It installs some missing components (well, not missing, but parts of the SDK
not included with the OS that some games need). That should get you up and

If not, let us know and we can see what other things may be causing it. What
video card are you using?

Dustin Harper

Lord Takyon replied on 19-Jun-07 06:33 AM
On my ATI integrated card I had this issue with older Vista drivers, the
newest set of drivers from my manufacturer eventually fixed this.

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bigman71 replied on 19-Jun-07 12:02 PM
it turned out that the problem is the driver it sucks. it can not play
directx and when i updated it the only resolution i could use is 800x600 and
everyone knows that that res sucks. so i have decided to just go back to xp
for now, beacuse my computer will not allow me to go back to directx 9. i am
going to go back to xp but thanks for the help.
bigman71 replied on 19-Jun-07 01:56 PM
ok i have been trying all morning and have been unable to switch back to xp
without my disk. how can i get back to xp without the disk. i tryed to use
system restore but it will not allow me to go back before vista. i installed
something called "windows nt backup-restore utility" but i can not figure out
how to get it to go back to xp restore points.(windows told me to download
windows nt backup-restore utility)  can some one help me to get back to xp
before i go crazy please i have been trying to fix problem after problem ever
since i installed vista. i just wnat to go back to xp. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lord Takyon replied on 20-Jun-07 11:41 AM
Have you tried drivers from the manufacturers site?

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