Windows 7 - MSVBVM50.dll Problem

Asked By Killer on 24-Sep-07 04:28 PM
Hi there,
I have just installed a program and everytime I try to run it, I get an
error saying that MSVBVM50.dll is required. I do not know what that is. Is
there anyway I can get the program to run? I have already tried compatibility
mode but that does not seem to help.


dean-dean replied on 24-Sep-07 05:58 PM
If you have access to a computer running Windows XP, you can Copy the file
msvbvm50.dll from C:\WINDOWS\system32\, and Paste it into the same folder as
the program's .exe file that requires it, for example, put it in C:\Program
Files\ MyProgram, if the MyProgram folder contains MyProgram.exe.  It
shouldn't have to be put in Vista's C:\WINDOWS\system32\...

If you don't have access to an XP computer, go to , and download .  You can then
extract the file from, and place in the folder as noted above.
Naturewoma replied on 17-Oct-07 02:25 PM
I am having the same problem. I downloaded the MSVBVM50.dll file but can't
seem to extract it. I don't have a  C:\Program
Files\ MyProgram, so tried to extract it into  Vista's C:\WINDOWS\system32\,
but a window showed saying "access denied". Any help will be apreciated!
dean-dean replied on 17-Oct-07 10:26 PM
Try downloading MSVBVM50.CAB to your desktop, double-click on MSVBVM50.CAB,
then drag msvbvm50.dll out of the MSVBVM50.CAB "folder" to your desktop.
Right-click on msvbvm50.dll, choose Cut, and Paste it into the same folder
as the .exe file (program) that needs it.
Hector Ch replied on 03-Oct-08 08:48 PM
This solve the problem for me thank you.
I extracted it to desktop, copied it to the download folder and install the
program that was there.
Thanks a lot!
ne replied on 10-Feb-09 07:35 PM
I am having the same problem. I downloaded the MSVBVM50.dll file but dunno
where to paste it because i am installing a screensaver and it not showing
the target folder.
type of file - application.exe
description - install screensaver
DL replied on 25-Mar-09 12:30 AM
i have the same problem whith DataStufion program i've downloaded the missing
DLL but still not working
Jaidee replied on 16-Jul-09 12:38 PM
Thanks very much, your instructions were so clear & easy to follow, it worked
first time !
Paulsmt replied to dean-dean on 03-Nov-09 04:48 AM
Even better, copy Both files contained within
to the desktop.
Right click on the MSVBVM50,inf Setup File, and click on Install.
(The Setup File has a picture with one gear, the other file has 2 gears.)
Now any program that needs it should run fine.
Gerbrand replied to dean-dean on 07-Nov-09 05:32 AM
thanks for the info. it worked!
fat replied to Killer on 08-Nov-09 04:08 PM
"KillerK" wrote:
dnjorogek replied to Killer on 30-Nov-09 06:49 AM

Had a similar error prompt on Windows 7, downloaded as per instructions and
copied to the same folder as the APP i was running and worked fine ! As
follows:- , and download

Extract the CAB and the files to the same folder location as the APP you are
trying to execute.

Anura replied to ne on 02-Dec-09 05:20 AM
I down loaded the file,extracted it and pasted it in windows/system 32
folder. screen saver started working.
Dr. Ksd replied to dean-dean on 03-Jan-10 12:41 PM
It is Jan 2010 (2+ years after this post) and I used your link to resolve an
issue I had with a program I was unable to get rid of. I just followed your
instructions, placed it in the file and I was finally able to unistall it.

Gil Virtucio replied to dean-dean on 14-Jan-10 09:13 AM
Worked for me as well...

thanks dean
kamal replied to dnjorogek on 14-Feb-10 03:57 PM
use  regsvr32.exe  to register

in command mode
run cmd
goto c:\windows\systen32
regsvr32 [location of the msvbvm50.dll]
SFVivian replied to dnjorogek on 08-Mar-10 03:18 AM
I have been trying to get the DLL to copy to or open in the app file that needs
it but I get "access denied" (I am the administrator and only user of this
laptop) or when downloaded it to the file it simply was not there when I open
the file.  I am running Win7, this dll worked when I ran Vista.  Any
suggestions on how I can get the DLL into the file?