Windows 7 - Slow starting up and shutting down

Asked By debbi on 25-Sep-07 10:02 AM
Could anyone please tell me what I can try to speed up my computer when I
start it up or close it down?
It will take 4-5 minutes to do both.
After that the speed is just fine.
Deb K

steaminshrooms replied on 25-Sep-07 10:41 AM
what OS are we talking here (assuming vista but some people are talking
xp around here i noticed)
if it's vista, I frankly don't even bother shutting down the computer,
just put it in sleep mode.  it uses very little power, and for all
intents and purposes, is practically shut down.  it should come out of
sleep mode very quickly.  unless you're having problems with it being
latent out of sleep mode, at which point i wouldn't know what to do
other than getting rid of some of the startup programs that you don't
need (if any)
you shouldn't have to actually shutdown in vista unless you've just
installed something requiring a restart or if you've downloaded certain
windows updates that can't complete until you've shut down.  my computer
shuts down and starts up slowly too, thats why i started just putting it
to sleep.  hope this helps and i'm not just blabbing...

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debbi replied on 25-Sep-07 07:50 PM
"debbie" wrote:
anand replied on 26-Sep-07 03:10 PM
Restrict the no. of start-ups. Remove Crapware. This is usually enough!

For more check out: How To Make Vista Start, Run and Shutdown Faster.
btw, applies 'mostly' to XP too :-)

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debbi replied on 26-Sep-07 06:39 PM
Thank you so much I will try this and let you know.
debbi replied on 26-Sep-07 06:41 PM
Thank you, I have been putting it in sleep mode and that starts up Ok.
Thanks Again, Deb
steaminshrooms replied on 26-Sep-07 09:37 PM
debbie;464251 Wrote:
no problem, glad I could help.