Windows 7 - Help please - Advanced Restore with Error 0x80070015

Asked By RK on 13-Oct-07 09:20 PM
This is the second time I've posted this question. I'm thinking I had posted
it in the wrong group the first time a couple of weeks ago, because I
received no replies. So, if anyone can help me (please Microsoft, jump in on
this one!), please respond.

I have tried to restore my Vista files with a backup I had backed up to
computer (over a network). When I select the 'advanced restore' it asks me
for the location of the backup file. I pick the other computer and it finds
it and asks me where I want to restore them to. I reply original location, it
starts restoring about 4 files and then displays the following error message:

The restore did not complete successfully.
The device is not ready.

It does not tell me what device is not ready and I have to cancel the
restore. Anyone have an idea of what it is trying to complain about? I have
retried this procedure many times, with the same results after it restores
the same files each time.

Joe replied on 04-Dec-07 08:57 PM
I just ran into the same issue.  My old drive developed bad clusters after
only six months.  The wonderful refurb Dell sent me was preloaded.  I kept
getting the same error as soon as it would start the restore.  What I have
done so far is to delete ALL of the existing partitions on the new drive and
start the full restore again.  So far it is about 25% done and I'm hoping it
will actually finish.

Antonio Spai replied on 09-Dec-07 07:04 PM
Exactly the same problem!!!! My files come from an ACER and I'm trying to
get them all on a VAIO. No way to do it. Have I lost it all? My ACER was
stolen and this is the only security copy! Please, an answer!! Ah! Sometumes
error number is also 0x800703EE, with same "device not ready". .
Joe replied on 09-Dec-07 08:47 PM
The drive you are restoring to must be equal or greater than the drive the
backup copy was made from.  Also, if you are restoring to a different model
of computer, your best bet would be to try restoring the files, but remove
the drive and hook it up via an external drive/adaptor as the restore process
replaces the entire drive including the device drivers.  I was able to
successfully restore after deleting any existing partitions on the
destination drive.