Windows 7 - msconfig no longer needed for startup edit?

Asked By gregrocke on 10-Feb-08 08:31 PM
Vista's new Software Explorer tab in the Windows Defender tools offers a way
to either Remove or Disable programs listed in msconfig startup tab without
permanently running your computer in Selective Start-up mode (designed for
Previously I kept my misconfig startup edited down to almost nothing
(programs that needed to run at startup like drivers, AVG, and the OS started
even when I unchecked every item, but a few added themselves back in over
time).  Last week I went to msconfig and checked all of the start-up boxes,
restarted, then went and disabled them all in WIndows Defender>Tools>Software
Explorer>Startup.  I have had no performance issues, msconfig is now running
Normal Startup and all of my startup attention will now go to Defender.
Work for you?

Mike Hall - MVP replied on 11-Feb-08 08:12 AM
WinPatrol - - has a facility to enable/disable
startup programs, and a whole host of other features. It also warns if a
program is trying to set itself up in startup, a very useful feature to have
when spyware/malware is endeavouring to put roots into a computer system
without the knowledge or consent of the user..

Mike Hall - MVP
ICQMHousto replied on 12-Feb-08 11:36 PM
i ran on the same problem like the one you have... if you unchecked items
from the MSCONFIG they are back (checked again) overtime - sometimes after
few minutes or hours or days.
what i do is to delete them from the REGISTRY file. although some are also
located in the folder START\STARTUP

check your registry file:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run

you can choose from the array which programs you want not to autorun at

NOTE: advance skills needed to edit the registry file or your system may
become highly erratic or non-functional until you perfrorm system recovery.