Windows 7 - what is " reparse records "?

Asked By davidjchuang on 27-Mar-08 11:32 AM
I was doing chkdsk and after stage 1 of 5 (file verification) was
completed, one of the reports was "105 reparse  records processed. "
What is that ?


.Joe replied on 27-Mar-08 11:48 AM
davidjchuang;663638 Wrote:

Unless you're an advanced user, I'd leave reparsed points (records)
alone. There's really no need to interact with them, the OS takes care
of this.

For a more technical explanation, click here: 'Source'


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_Geekbench_Score:_4050 (\"\")_
_CPU-Z_Verified (\"\")_
davidjchuang replied on 27-Mar-08 11:54 AM
.Joe;663681 Wrote:

Holy Cow !!! I had no idea. I will not touch it with a 10 foot pole. Thank