Windows 7 - Remove unwanted programs on HP Computer

Asked By Jim on 13-Oct-08 10:49 PM
I just bought an HP desktop and a Toshiba laptop both with Vista 64 Home
Premium. Now I find out from Curcuit city that there is a bunch of oem
pre-loaded software that will slow down the computer if it is not removed.
It is add stuff they say... any clue where I can get a list of the stuff to
remove. They tell me it will take the processes from 78 to about 25. They
want $40 bucks to do it

Mark H replied on 13-Oct-08 11:10 PM
If you have a Vista installation disc, not a recovery disc, perform a clean
install using the Product Key on the bottom of the computer. You will have
to phone MS to activate.Everything except Vista will be gone.
Richard Urban replied on 13-Oct-08 11:16 PM
Easy! Uninstall anything and everything you have no intention of using.

BTW: I have never seen a Vista computer running only 25 processes. Most of
the ones I have seen run between 50 and 70 processes. If you have the proper
horsepower, the number of processes can almost be immaterial. I currently
have 67 processes running and my computer is pretty snappy.


Richard Urban
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DDW replied on 14-Oct-08 12:58 AM
Mine is only 51 - if I cut out  all the stuff I choose to load at
startup it would be 35

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Rick Rogers replied on 14-Oct-08 06:09 AM

Control Panel/Programs and Features, uninstall that which you do not want.

Keep in mind too that it only uses resources if it's actually loading at
boot. While some programs do this, it doesn't mean all of them do. Disabling
the ones that do will preserve your system resources just as well as
uninstalling them. This is usually best done from within the settings of the
individual programs, but you can also use Windows Defender (it's a part of
Vista) or the system configuration utility (msconfig) to limit the boot

Best of Luck,

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Richard Urban replied on 14-Oct-08 09:38 AM
Yes! But I choose to load this *stuff*. Most others do also. A base install,
with nothing else added, may be about 40 processes. If you are happy using
only that which comes with the operating system - go for it.


Richard Urban
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HappyAndyK replied on 14-Oct-08 10:11 AM
If you know what to look at, the task is simple. From your notification
area or system tray you will get an idea of programs starting up.
Alternatively you can browse to your C:\Program Files folder and see the
software which have been installed. Or type msconfig, hit enter and
click on the Startup tab. You can get an idea about the startups here.
Identify the one's you want to remove and uninstall them one after the
other through the Uninstall a program applet of the Control Panel.

If you are unsure, I suggest you download and use a 670 KB freeware
program called _PC_Decrapifier_. As the name suggests, it removes the
crap from your PC ! There is no installation. If you have anti-virus
software installed, it may complain about this program because it is
written with a scripting language. These warnings can be safely ignored.
It will identify what it thinks are Crapware. You may then pick and
choose what you want to remove. It will not begin removing anything
without prompting you first.

Having done this, I recommend that you use a good Registry Cleaner to
clear you Vista of residual registry entries as most uninstall's are not
complete. CCleaner is a good and safe freeware I'd suggest.

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Richard Urban replied on 14-Oct-08 10:27 AM
Why answer me. I know what to do. Address the original poster.


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Mike Hall - MVP replied on 14-Oct-08 10:45 AM
Stuff like 'welcome' screens generally have a checkbox in the corner
someplace which can be unchecked.

Items in the notification area can be right clicked to bring up their
respective 'properties. look through these to see if you have the option to
disable 'start up with Windows' or similar.

When completed, go to Control Panel > Programs and Features. Look down the
listing for trial versions of MS Office, HP games and anything Norton or
Mcafee.. Remove them..

Having done this, you will have recovered some disk space and shortened boot
up times slightly.
What you will not have done is substantially reduce the number of processes
which run by default.

If your desktop machine uses an integrated video card, bump up the installed
RAM to 2gb. Do the same for the laptop...

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