Windows 7 - Webcams IEv7 Vista Home Premium

Asked By scruffyRober on 27-Feb-07 02:17 PM
Whenever I try to access any of the three webcams at  the feed freezes and I
get disconnected.  I have Java "1.6.0" and IE v7 preinstalled under Vista
Home Premium on a new Toshiba notebook.  I have used these cameras on an old
Toshiba notebook using XP Home.  I made sure that Java was enabled under
internet options.  I made the site a trusted site with all Active X controls
enabled (some defined as must ask for prompt since I don't want to be totally
I did get a site to work which did not use Java but some "Panasonic"
control; I could view and control webcam there.  There must be some darn
security setting which is getting me.  Java loads and attempts to get the
camera feed----then freezes and disconnects.  Any ideas would be greatly

Rock replied on 28-Feb-07 01:03 AM
That link comes back as Page not Found on the Maui net site.

Rock [MS-MVP User/Shell]