Windows 7 - Stop downloaded files saving to Temporary Internet Folder

Asked By Fossi on 31-Jul-07 03:34 AM
First, apologies if this is posted in the wrong section, I'm not sure which
section best fits the question.

I have just started using Vista Home Premium and don't like the way that
when downloading files (specifically Ancestry image files) my computer no
longer lets me save them where I choose.  I go through the procedure of
choosing the folder where I want my file to save, but Vista then decides that
Files Folder instead.  Surely, if I have decided that I would like to save
these files into a specific folder I should be able to do so.  I have read a
few messages about this issue, but none of them seem to give a solution to
turning this behaviour off.

Also, if this is a security measure, how does the file being in a different
folder make it more secure.  Isn't the file just a much a security risk once
it is on the computer regardless of where on the computer it is?

Thanks in advance for any help.

fullbug replied on 15-Mar-08 09:31 AM
No help for this? I am having the same problem....